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About Us

- Welcome to The Bait Crate! (Only bass boxes available for now) 

While we have been fishing since childhood its always been the same baits and never really seeing my fishing improve. Then as I got wiser I figured out it was time for a change and the fish and I needed something new! Here is The Bait Crate.

We are here to introduce you to new companies and unique styles of baits and lures to help you catch more fish and save you trips to the bait shops! With all the shelves and the boxes being filled with all of the same companies and its hard for us to try something new! With The Bait Crate we want to help you expand your fishing horizons and try new upcoming companies that may not even be in stores yet. While we also bring you companies you may already love! Start seeing more fish in your hands and get on board with the NEW BAIT CRATE! Support upcoming USA made companies and baits. With hand made baits and many hours of craft put into each lure! These are top of the line baits brought to your door every month in a specialized crate!